14 Things We LOVE About Our Customers

14 Things We LOVE About Our Customers

Simplx Security valentine's day
Happy Valentine’s day from Simplx Security ?

Yes, we know it’s after Valentine’s Day. And yes, we know this title is a bit on-the-nose. But truly, THERE ARE SOME THINGS WE LOVE ABOUT YOU!

It takes a special kind of person to check all the boxes and get right to the heart of it all. And guess what…you are one of those people!

So while you’re enjoying the half-priced candy and watching the vivid pink and red of Valentine’s celebrations melt into pastel colors for Easter, take a look at these 14 things we think make up the best customers in the world (hint: you have them all)!

14 Things We LOVE About Our Customers
One of our Simplx teams poses for a quick photo as they discuss ways to better serve our awesome customers (like you)!

1. You’re interested in learning.

As a child you stayed up late nights reading user manuals and dreaming of the day you’d be able to own and operate your own security system, right?

JK…neither did we, haha!

But seriously, the effort you put into learning your Simplx system is a big piece of what makes our relationship so wonderful! We appreciate the chance to protect what matters most to you, and when you care as much as we do about the health of your system, it helps us do our job better.

Just one of the many things we love about you.

2. You’re patient.

Anytime you bring a puzzle to us we do the best we can to solve it on the spot. But sometimes it takes some digging. Early accounts with deep histories or complex systems can take time to pinpoint an issue.

But you’re patient. When you allow us to thoroughly check everything, it gives us the chance to answer in the most accurate and helpful way.

It also helps us continue to learn, so we can be even faster in the future. We’re so grateful to you for this!

3. You genuinely connect with us.

We can say without a doubt that this is one of our favorite things about you!

Whether we’re helping you secure a large commercial property or just a simple home system for you and your grandma, being able to connect as humans and share our goals, hopes, and triumphs is what makes it all worth it!

Earning your trust is our privilege. By allowing us to protect you, you’re showing you believe we can serve you and meet your needs. That’s our biggest goal and our greatest accomplishment! Thank you!

4. You value partnership.

“None of us is as smart as all of us.” – Ken Blanchard

A thriving partnership is a two-way street.

One of the most dependable things about you, our customer, is that you appreciate the value of partnership. Technology is an ever-evolving thing and, when you know you can depend on us to give our very best, it deepens our bond as partners and builds greater value.

The longer our partnership goes, the sweeter our partnership grows…ok, maybe that’s a little mushy gushy. But it’s true!

5. You give feedback.

We want to know you’re happy!

If that means visiting your home to fix a broken part, keeping you up to date on social media, or even just chatting for a few minutes on the phone about your dog, when you let us know you’re happy (or even not happy), it gives us the opportunity to grow and learn how we can do better.

Your feedback helps us improve. Our goal is to make sure you feel safe and satisfied!

6. You’re loyal.

We can’t say it loud enough…THANK YOU FOR YOUR LOYALTY!

We’ve had the privilege of serving you with a variety of security options. As the tech world evolves, you’ve been an amazing customer and given us the chance to prove ourselves time and again.

Whether it’s adding new devices onto your system, referring a friend, or just sticking with us through thick and thin, we’re so grateful for your loyalty.

We can’t thank you enough!

7. You keep high standards.

Holding a high standard is no joke when it comes to security.

Simplx prides itself on going above and beyond to help you feel safe. It might seem like a simple thing, but when the customer has high expectations, it makes the whole process operate on a different level. A better level.

We appreciate that quality work matters to you, because it matters to us!

John and Nate give us grins as Blake cleans and inspects one of our many fire extinguishers.

8. You inspire us.

We love this about you!

The survivor stories, heartfelt connections, and suggestions from real life situations make it all worth it.

We sincerely appreciate you sharing your story with us. It reminds us why we do what we do ?

This is easily one of the top things we love about you!

9. You tell your friends and family about us.

They say word of mouth is the best advertising.

But it’s also the most honest advertising; you share your truest opinions with your closest people.

Quality service you can rely on is worth talking about. We’re so proud to be your security company and to protect what matters most to you! Thanks for the kind words!

10. You communicate well.

We’re able to count on you to let us know when something needs attention or if there’s a change that’ll affect your security.

Be it moving to another location, a marriage, a company buyout or any number of life shifts, we are very blessed to have a customer like you who knows how to communicate so we can make each transition as smooth as it can be.

It’s one of the best things about you!

11. You show us you care.

How many companies can truly say they receive personal Christmas cards, gifts of cookies and donuts, phone calls just to say, “thank you,” and “hope all is well,” and even visits from growing families and companies who’ve been with Simplx for years?

You are truly a shining example of the kind of customer every company dreams of!

12. You support our community.

It’s so cool to see a community come together to serve each other and help support those in need.

Whether it’s fundraising for local churches, partnering with schools to give talks on fire safety or joining yearly teams to give back, you help us make a difference for the good with open arms to share and help those in our Fort Wayne area community. 

Humanity at its finest; and you’re the perfect example!

13. You make sure we’re compensated on time.

Believe us, if we could protect you on a dime, we would. Truly. 

One of the best things about customers like you is that you understand we each have households that need an income, too. 

When you make sure all is squared away on your end it’s a sign not only of respect, but of trust. We pride ourselves on being “that” company that gives its all to make sure you, our Simplx family, feels safe. And when you reciprocate by upholding your promises, too, it builds a deeper respect and trust between us.

At the end of the day, you’re WAY MORE than a paycheck to us. You’re the reason we do what we do! ?

14. You share our values.

It goes without saying (though, we’ll say it anyway), that having a foundation of integrity, dependability, optimism, communication, accountability, respect, and excellence is very important to making any relationship work.

(We even have a mural on our warehouse wall that spells it out: I. D.O. C.A.R.E.)

You have shown that holding these values makes a difference not only in the big things, but also in the little day-to-day things.

Your core values reflect who you are and at the end of the day, having a customer like you is more than a privilege; it’s an honor.

If we had to choose just one from this list, this is the best thing about you. It colors everything else.

Well, we’ve made it through all 14 points! There’s so much to be said for customers who are as wonderful as you are! And while this post certainly doesn’t cover everything we love about you, we hope it will show you how valuable you are to us.

Thanks for keeping us operating for over 18 years! Together we make the world a safer place!

We’ve got you covered!

Have questions? We’re here to be helpful in any way we can. 

 At Simplx Security, our mission is protecting what matters most to you. It’s vital that you continue to feel safe and trust that your security system will do its job well. One of the best benefits of having a local security company monitor your system is you’re partnered with folks who understand your area and are right around the corner! We’re here to help you if any further troubleshooting is required. 

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