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Simplx Core Values

Did you know that every 15 seconds a home burglary happens in the US?

Yeah. Only 15 seconds. That means that by the time you’ve clicked on this post and read through this sentence, someone has just been robbed. Crazy! 

For this reason and many more, it’s wise to partner with a home security company to keep you and your family as safe as possible. But who should you trust? And how do you know which security company is the best fit for your needs? 

Below are the seven core values Simplx is founded on. They are the pillars from which we operate.

✅ Core Value #1 Integrity

Doing the right thing in all circumstances is the foundation of what it means to have integrity. A security company should put integrity above profit by helping you achieve YOUR goals, rather than trying to sell you things you don’t need. 

By offering an FREE on-site or virtual consultation, Simplx customizes the package that best suits your needs. That means you’re not just heard, but helped in the best way that makes sense for you.

✅ Core Value #2 Dependability

When a security company is trustworthy and reliable, you know you’re in good hands. Dependability can’t be faked. Do your research. Find out if they have a good reputation in your community. Do you know anyone who uses them? Ask them their opinion and suggestions. Any dependable security company should offer a free estimate and be willing to answer any questions you have.

✅ Core Value #3 Optimism

Being hopeful and confident in a successful outcome is often key to working in high-stress situations. Let’s face it, security can be a stressful topic. It’s preventative; it’s there to protect you from what could happen. Working with a company that always does its best to make sure you feel heard, safe, and satisfied, is a completely reasonable  expectation. Your confidence in your security company is worth going the extra mile for.

✅ Core Value #4 Communication

In any situation, a good security company must listen as much or more than talking, to come to an understanding. Without the structure of good communication, a relationship with any security company is very hard to feel good about. Look for a security provider that listens to you and addresses the needs you have but also takes initiative to communicate options for you. Good communication is about listening and understanding.

✅ Core Value #5 Accountability

Accepting responsibility for words and actions is one of the best ways to tell if accountability is a core value of a company. Pay attention to the way they correspond with you. Are they reasonable with the time it takes for call backs? Do they email you when they say they will and show up in the timeframe they’ve promised? The answer to these should always be a yes. Of course life happens sometimes, but a good security company will always take responsibility and make sure you’re informed and up to date if anything changes.

✅ Core Value #6 Respect

Thoughtful, attentive and well-mannered security companies will always show the greatest care and respect for you, your time, and your property. They will show up in professional attire, be friendly but get straight to work, do the job correctly, show you how to use your system and clean up any messes they made. A respectable security company will also be available after the install to go over any further questions you may have and will always make your satisfaction and safety their priority.

✅ Core Value #7 Excellence

Striving for greatness and distinction in their field is a mark of excellence in any business, but especially when it comes to a business whose job is to protect what matters most to you. Is your security company keeping up with the latest trends and technology? Do they invest in their employees by sending them to skill-building events and relevant training? Do they have good working relationships with other colleagues in their field? Security can be a tough business and it’s important to know the company you’ve chosen to trust is well-connected, knowledgeable, and healthy from the inside out.

Expertise, commitment, and genuine concern for customers’ needs, are important factors to look for in any company you partner with.

For most of us, the safety of our families, valuables, and communities is a top priority. One of the most effective ways to make sure you’re protected is by partnering with a local security company.

Why does local security matter?

Imagine hearing mystery beeps in the middle of the night or discovering your system needs service. How long will you have to wait before a national company is able to book a tech in your area? 

  • Simplx is right here in the city. 

We take care of our customers; you can expect us (not a contractor) every time.

What if you have questions, but the automated office number you called doesn’t even let you speak to a human? 

  • Our live office staff/operators will answer your call and get you to the right department to help.

Having a local security company means they understand. They experience the same weather, the same traffic, the same struggles, and the same community. 

  • Partnering with a local security company like Simplx means you’re trusting your neighbors, not strangers.

These core values are a solid foundation to look for when choosing the best security company to protect you. Genuine concern and care through human connection allows you to trust them when it comes to the little things, as well as the big things.

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