Yard Sale Safety

If you are anything like my wife, you are getting very excited for the start of garage sale season. Fort Wayne explodes with yard sales around this time of year and you can get a great deal on pretty much anything. You can also unload a lot of unwanted items you’ve accumulated while making a few bucks. Now, having a yard sale isn’t known as a dangerous activity, but it never hurts to take the proper precautions. You are, after all, inviting a bunch of complete strangers to visit your home. So before you unbox the old clothes and set up the lemonade stand, take a look at these safety guidelines.

Do’sYard Sale Do's

  • Lock all the doors leading to your home during the yard sale. That includes the door from the garage to the home, even if you’re going in and out frequently. You may plan to guard the door, but your attention will be needed elsewhere at some point during the sale. If you have a Simplx Security system, you can arm your home for extra protection.
  • Enlist a friend or family member to assist you on sale days. You can also make it a joint sale with a neighbor who is available for duty. It helps to have a partner during rush times at any sale. Some customers do steal, and a lone seller is easy prey to thieves who work in pairs. One party distracts you while the other helps himself to your merchandise.
  • Keep your charged cell phone in your pocket. You may just need to call someone to relieve you for a bathroom break, or you may need it to call for help with an unruly shopper. You will also be able to easily arm and disarm your Simplx Security system so your child can run inside while you help a customer.
  • If you have security cameras, make sure they are working properly. Simplx Security cameras can be viewed live from a smart phone or tablet, helping you keep an eye on the rest of your home. Simplx cameras with on-going recording can protect you from potential liability and safety issues. If someone steals from you, wrongfully accuses you of a misdeed, or tries to harm you or a family member, it will be caught on camera.

Dont’sYard Sale - Don'ts

  • Don’t use a cash box unless you have a designated cashier with no other duties. No matter how good your intentions, you’ll leave a box unattended at some point, and it may disappear. If you’re running the sale alone, it’s best to keep the money on your person. Opt for a fanny pack or an apron with lots of pockets. Personally, I prefer fanny packs because they are awesome!
  • Don’t let your young children or pets roam the sale unattended, no matter how well-behaved. Yard sales get too hectic to keep a proper eye on them at all times. At best, they’ll get fussy and annoy your shoppers. At worst, they’ll get hurt or snatched when you aren’t looking.
  • Don’t allow shoppers inside your house to use the bathroom unless you already know them, no matter how desperate or harmless they may seem. Even little old ladies can be thieves. They could be casing your home for potential valuables, or they could slip something small in a pocket on their way to the bathroom. Direct anyone who asks to the nearest gas station or convenience store with a public restroom.

So have fun this summer with your garage sales and stay safe! If you have any questions about what we do at Simplx Security, give us a call at 260.482.SAFE or visit us at simplxsecurity.com.