Wishing you a Safe and Happy Holiday Season

We at Simplx Security want to wish all of our customers a safe and happy holiday season. Please keep in mind that during this time of year there is a higher risk of home burglary. Be sure to secure your home with your Simplx Security alarm system and check your locks and outdoor motion lights to make sure they are functional. We have put together a few other reminders for you as the Holidays are upon us to help you stay safe:

Heading out of town for the holidays?

  • Be sure to have your neighbors collect any newspapers or other items that may arrive to your home or driveway while you are away. Be sure to not give any signs that you are gone from your home for an extended time.
  • Shut off any main water lines coming into your home that could cause a flood within your home if a line rupture were to occur.
  • Setup timed lights inside your home to give the appearance of activity within the home.

Staying around for the Holidays?

  • Secure all entrances in your home prior to going to bed for the night.
  • Set your alarm to “instant” mode when going to bed. This will alarm all doors (even your delayed doors) to trigger the siren immediately if a door or window is opened or tampered. This can be done with the Simon XT Alarm Panel by simply pressing the “Doors + Windows” button twice.
  • Prominently display your Simplx Security windows stickers and yard signs indicating your home is secured by a monitored alarm system.

We are thankful to be providing Fort Wayne home security and look forward to another great year! Happy Holidays!