Why is My Security System Beeping?

How to figure it out and fix it!

We’ve all been there. 

You’re home from a long day at work. You’re finally settled and about to head to bed that evening, when you hear the security system start chirping; it’s going to drive you bananas if you have to listen to that all night!

The shrill alarms from security systems are jarring—as they’re meant to be—but understanding how to silence them doesn’t have to be complicated. A security system is meant to operate in the background, supporting your life and your lifestyle. So if it’s beeping, there’s a reason, and it’s important to find and fix the problem.

 We’ve put together a few simple steps to follow that will help you silence the beeping and figure out what the system is trying to tell you.

Three Ways to Silence a Beeping Panel

1: Go to the panel and put in your code. If it’s already disarmed, arm it and then immediately disarm it again. It may be that the panel is holding a notification in its memory, and it needs you to acknowledge it. All you have to do is clear it to stop the beeping. Some brands of panels (such as a Concord) will require you to use the asterisk (or star) key. If this is the panel type you have, try pressing the star key twice. It should bring up the issue on the screen and silence the alarm.

2: Look for flashing icons or alerts on the screen and click on them. Most panels these days are touchscreen. When an alert occurs, an icon that looks like a caution symbol (or something similar) should pop up in the corner. Clicking on the icon brings you to a list of reasons for the beeping. It may show the number (called a zone) or name of the device that needs attention. Click the button that says, “OK” or “Acknowledge” to tell the panel you hear it and it can be quiet now.

 3: Use your app to stop the beeping.(Click here for step-by-step directions) Most alarm applications for your phone will see anything the panel sees. Try logging into your mobile account to silence the trouble beeps. If it won’t allow you to do so, it could be due to poor internet connection at your location or a smoke detector attached to your system* and you may need to disarm directly from the panel. However, you’ll know the reason for the issue right then and there and can take steps to resolve it. It may be as simple as a door being left open.

*Smoke detectors are considered life safety and cannot be silenced from acknowledging trouble beeps. Read more here.

Common causes for a beeping panel:

  • Batteries are low or dead
  • Power loss or power surge
  • System (or one of its devices) is in malfunction
  • Tampers from kids, adults, pets or shaking (e.g. fireworks and thunder)

Other tips to keep in mind

  • Be sure the area around each device in your security system is free from dust and cobwebs. Many beeping issues have been solved by simply maintaining a clean atmosphere. 
  • Make sure it is getting power. Running on a backup battery will sustain your system for a while, but it is designed to beep and make you aware if it’s not connected to a power source.
  • Everything has an expiration date. This includes electronics. It eventually comes time for you to upgrade to a new phone or laptop. Security devices are no different. While you may not have to replace them very often, keep in mind that the best protection comes from devices that are up to date and tested regularly.

Always follow up with your security provider if you feel that it may be an issue you can’t resolve on your own.

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