Tips to Ensure Your Home is Safe for Halloween

Time for caramel apples, pumpkin patches, costumes, and unfortunately crime.

While we love trick-or-treating, crimes are twice as likely to happen on Halloween than any other night of the year.

Here’s some tips to make sure your home is safe on Halloween.

Light Up More than Your Jack O’ Lanterns

Whether you are anticipating trick-or-treaters or not, keep your porch light on. Not only will you avoid being egged or toiled papered, the light will deter burglars as there is a higher chance that they will be caught if they choose to target your home. Use exterior lights so there aren’t any dark shadows to make it hard for a Simplx Security camera to pick up suspicious activity around your home. Even with night vision, it is easier to see a burglary in the act if it isn’t pitch black

Safety in Numbers

It’s always a good idea to have backup when vampires and mummies come to your house. Home owners are more likely to open the door on Halloween night expecting small children, so burglars like to take advantage and try to force their way inside your door. There is strength in numbers, so if this happens to you, you have the backup you need to keep the person outside your door and someone to be available to call the police. If you have Simplx Security alarm system, keep your panic button handy.

You can even invite your friends and family to a Halloween party at your place. This way, you are able to keep an eye on your home and your loved ones all while having a great time celebrating the spooky holiday.

Go Outside and Enjoy the Full Moon

When opening your front door to strangers, try to keep your door open for the shortest amount of time possible. You don’t want to give someone the opportunity to sneak a peek at your valuables and come back later that night to commit a crime. Think about taking your candy bowl outside and sitting in front of your door with someone else so that you do not have to open your home to strangers. Lock your front door and take your key with you so that no one tries to force their way in. Also, keep your fully charged cell phone with you to report any suspicious activity..

Protect Your Empty House

If you have other plans and are not going to be at home on Halloween night, be sure to lock up your house. Turn on your alarm and security camera system so that any and all activity can be monitored. Let your neighbors know that you are not going to be home, so that if they sense any suspicious activity, they can call the police and notify you that someone may be lurking in your home.

A way to trick people into thinking you are home is to implement smart lights. You can schedule times to turn on and off lights around your home. You can change things up and turn on and off lights any time from your phone. This tactic may give the illusion that you are home, so be sure to secure the front door, so trick-or-treaters don’t find their way in looking for candy. Leave a bowl in front of your door with instructions on how much to take so that they can be on and off of your stoop as quickly as possible.

The most important thing to do to keep your home safe on Halloween is to use common sense. Be prepared to protect your home, enjoy your night with the ghosts and goblins, and don’t forget to have fun!

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