Simplx Alarm Chat

Why Chat?
Your burglar alarm goes off, but you can’t answer the phone — what do you do? Simplx Security Chat allows you to quickly cancel or confirm alarms with your contact list through text without having to answer the phone when our operators call. It reduces the potential for false alarm dispatches and allows you to communicate in the way you prefer.

How it Works

Beginning in early September, when your burglar alarm is tripped, a link will be sent to you via text that creates a secure chat group with all members on your alarm contact list to validate an alarm. Members in the group chat can then text one another inside the secure chat to determine if dispatch is needed. If you have a verbal passcode on your account, you’ll type it into the chat to confirm. It’s fast, effective, and simple!

Not into Texting?

Simplx Alarm Chat

No need to worry! Ignore the text you receive and you will still receive phone calls when your alarm is tripped!

*** Call us to ensure that your alarm contact list is up to date!