Real Story from a Simplx Security Customer

A few weeks ago, Jeff, a customer of Simplx Security, left his house in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the weekend to visit his girlfriend in Ohio. Everything was going as planned until he received a call at approximately 2 a.m. telling him that his house had been broken into.

The phone call came from his daughter, Elisabeth, who had been contacted by Simplx Security’s monitoring center to inform her about an attempted break-in at her father’s house two blocks away.

[quotes style=”modern” align=”left” author=”Jeff”]First thing I thought was, ‘I lost everything!’ But, my daughter told me not to worry because the intruders didn’t take anything because my Simplx Security System had scared them away. I thought she was telling me that just so that I wouldn’t drive back that night all worried and upset.[/quotes]

Jeff also stated that the 90 mile drive back home that night seemed extremely long. He could not stop thinking about every single one of his belongings and what they meant to him. To his relief, when he arrived home he found all his belongings still at home safe and secure.

[quotes style=”modern” align=”left” author=”Jeff”]I guess the intruders thought that they could work around my security system by cutting a small set of wires that I have going out of my back window. So, thinking that they were cutting my security system, they actually cut the wires to a thermostat I keep on my windowsill to check the temperature… Imagine their faces when the alarm went off on them [laugh]…[/quotes]

Jeff’s house is secured with a GE wireless home security system allowing him to be protected at all times. One of the reasons Simplx can make this possible is because of our partnership with, one of the world’s leaders in wireless technology.

Simplx’s lead technician, Matthew Kay said, “The great benefit for our customers of the wireless technology is that all alarm signals are immediately transmitted to a wireless connection from the home panel to an operation center and from there rerouted to the proper emergency authorities in just a matter of seconds.”

Like hundreds of Simplx’s customers, Jeff said that he is very happy he made the decision to install a Simplx Security System in his home. Knowing that his system is armed brings him peace of mind unlike anything else would.

[quotes style=”modern” align=”left” author=”Jeff”]Now, this next weekend I am going to a birthday party in Ohio again, but I am not worried [about my house] because I know that my system works and the best part is that the intruders know it also. I worked very hard to get all my stuff and I don’t want to lose it! I am excited because you guys saved everything I have. Thank you![/quotes]

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