Real Story from a Simplx Security Customer

Less than two weeks ago, Brad Harris was enjoying a book in the living room of his Warsaw, Indiana home. It had only been about a month since he had a Simplx Security system installed, but he was soon to find out just how valuable it would be.

As he read his book, an alarm was sounded to alert him of possible flooding in his basement. He almost disregarded it, until he received a text message on his phone from Simplx confirming that the flooding alarm was in effect.

[quotes style=”modern” align=”center” author=”Brad Harris”] It was urgency. We had TV’s, exercise equipment, furniture, carpeting.[/quotes]

Brad was able to head down the stairs and check the sump pump. Sure enough, it had broken. If action wasn’t taken quickly, the basement would’ve flooded. The alarm had given him warning long before he would’ve checked it on his own.

[quotes style=”modern” align=”center” author=”Brad Harris”] What a relief! It pays for itself. Within the first 30 days, it saved $10,000 worth of damage.[/quotes]

And Brad of all people would know. Flooding last occurred about five years ago in his home. But this time, less than two months after having a Simplx Security system installed, he was prepared. He was able to get the back up pump working after he’d been alerted by his security system, and the next day he called a plumber to replace the broken sump pump.

[quotes style=”modern” align=”center” author=”Brad Harris”]What a great reminder! It’s almost like having an attendant watching at all times.[/quotes]

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