Landscaping to Protect your Home

Living in Fort Wayne, Indiana lends itself to beautiful surroundings. Green grass, tall trees, blooming flowers, etc… but with that beauty comes maintenance. Isn’t that normally the case in life? Thankfully, we can take advantage of the trees and bushes around us to help better secure our home. Landscaping has a direct impact on the overall security of your home and should be part of your plan when securing your home.

There are several techniques that can be applied in your landscaping that will allow your home to be seen as less of a target for home burglary. Having a Simplx Security monitored alarm system is only one of the ways that you can protect your home, let’s talk about a few more tips that you can implement into your home security plan.

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Trim bushes around door and window entry ways

[one_fifth][teaser style=”1″ image=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/overgrown_bushes.jpg” icon=teaser-icon1.png title=”Trim Overgrown Bushes” subtitle=”” url=”javascript:” target=”_self”][/one_fifth] [four_fifth_last]It is important to keep bushes and plants trimmed around entry ways. These can provide intruders cover in which to hide while they work on getting a window or door open.[/four_fifth_last]

Plant roses or other plants with thorns below windows or on fences


Who wants a thorn jabbed into them? Not me. A home intruder would have a hard time justifying your home as being the easiest home to break into if there are extra hurdles to jump (especially the hurdles with sharp pointy thorns sticking out of them). When selecting plants to place below windows or around fences be sure that the plants are sturdy and have limbs that cannot be easily pushed aside.

This would also be a great place to have a motion activated exterior light. If the intruder does happen to get caught up in the bush, it would likely cause more movement and provide a warning to you by the light turning on.

[/four_fifth] [one_fifth_last][teaser style=”1″ image=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/thorns.jpeg” icon=teaser-icon1.png title=”Thorns can prevent a crimes” subtitle=”” url=”javascript:” target=”_self”][/one_fifth_last]

Eliminate high branches that could allow access to the second level of your home

[one_fifth][teaser style=”1″ image=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/trees.jpg” icon=teaser-icon1.png title=”Eliminate Access” subtitle=”” url=”javascript:” target=”_self”][/one_fifth] [four_fifth_last]When installing a home security system, many home owners will neglect securing second story entry ways. While this is generally considered to be an ‘OK’ practice due to the difficulty in reaching those entry points, you must be cautious when making this decision due to surrounding trees or objects such as a ladder or a lattice that could provide easier access. Be sure to keep limbs trimmed and away from the home to ensure that home intruders do not have them as an option for accessing the more vulnerable entry points to your home. Ladders should be secured, preferably within a secured garage or storage shed. Lattices can be naturally secured by utilizing plants with thorns.[/four_fifth_last]

Keep on top of maintaining the grass, an unkept lawn can hint that you may be out of town

[four_fifth]There are several things that home intruders look for as signs that a home owner is out of town. A stack of newspapers in the driveway is a clear sign that no one is home. Be sure to have a neighbor collect your mail, newspapers and flyers while you are away. Having a timed external light come on each night is also a great way to have a home appear occupied. However, a porch light that is always on, day and night, can be another sign that a home owner is away. If you happen to be leaving on the day your trash is to be picked-up, be sure to have a neighbor return your trash and recycling bins to their normal storage area.[/four_fifth] [one_fifth_last][teaser style=”1″ image=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/newspapers_on_driveway.jpg” icon=teaser-icon1.png title=”Maintain a Presence” subtitle=”” url=”javascript:” target=”_self”][/one_fifth_last]

Prominently display your Simplx Security yard sign and window stickers

[one_fifth][teaser style=”1″ image=”/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/sign.jpg” icon=teaser-icon1.png title=”Be Overt About Protection” subtitle=”” url=”javascript:” target=”_self”][/one_fifth] [four_fifth_last]Home intruders are greatly deterred by the warning of a home being secured by a monitored alarm system. In fact, in a study conducted by the FBI it was found that 8/10 convicted home burglars had stated that if they had known a home had an alarm system installed, they would have not attempted to enter a home. Your odds of being broken into can decrease dramatically – up to 80% – simply by displaying your Simplx Security yard sign and window decals![/four_fifth_last]