Prevent Basement Flooding!

winter-melt-floodingI think we are all ready for the weather to warm up, the snow and ice to melt, and for winter to finally be over.

Or are we?

As some of us know too well, melting snow and ice often leads to flooded basements. Is there anything worse than coming home, going downstairs, and discovering a flooded basement?

I don’t think so!

I remember coming home after a nice spring break at Disney World with the family and having just that experience. In hindsight, it could have been much worse. The only thing that was ruined was the carpet. Nevertheless, it was still an unpleasant surprise I would not like to repeat. We had fans blowing and vacuums soaking up water out of the carpet for a week. It took even longer for the smell of dirty water to leave the basement.


Luckily, basement flooding is completely preventable! At Simplx Security we offer wireless flood sensors that detect any water leak or rise in the area it is supervising, most often by the sump pump ( If the sensor starts to get wet, it immediately notifies you via text and/or email so you have time to fix the problem before it becomes a big expensive headache!

When spring finally comes to Fort Wayne, let’s make sure it’s an enjoyable experience free of flooding. We all deserve it, especially after this winter!