NFPA Releases New Report on Home Fires

The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), which is an organization that serves as an authority on fire, electrical and building safety, has release a new report covering statistics of home fires.

During the five-year period covered by the report, roughly one in every 310 households per year had a reported home fire. Each year, these fires caused an estimated average of 2,650 civilian deaths, 12,890 civilian injuries, and $7.1 billion in direct property damage. On average, seven people died in U.S. home fires every day.

Lorraine Carli, the Vice President of Communications for NFPA had this to say:

[quotes style=”modern” align=”left” author=”Lorraine Carli”]]These statistics are a sad reminder that fire is still a deadly threat and we must do more to prevent the needless deaths and losses. Properly installed and maintained fire protection devices, such as smoke alarms and residential fire sprinklers, can help to prevent most fire deaths[/quotes]