Neighbor with Simplx Camera Catches Fort Wayne Burglar

Just imagine: It’s a typical Sunday. You’re happily chatting with your partner about lunch plans as you pull into your driveway around 10 a.m. just after your morning church service. As you walk toward your house, a sick feeling flips your stomach…the door is open.

Inside your home it becomes clear….your 50” TV has been torn out of the wall, and the place is a mess…slowly the realization hits you…

You’ve been robbed.

Unfortunately, this is the situation a Fort Wayne couple found themselves in. When they searched the other rooms of the house, they discovered another TV had been stolen, as well as irreplaceable family jewelry, a gun, and other valuables.

After calling the police, they spoke with the neighbor across the street who saw a car approach their home while they were out. Though the neighbor had difficulty remembering what the car looked like, he did remember that their mutual neighbor had Simplx security cameras that covered the area where the car was parked.

The neighbor with Simplx cameras quickly pulled up the footage using the motion-activated time stamps on his phone app. Although his home is over 100 feet from his neighbor, he could clearly make out the make, model, and color of the vehicle. After a few images were captured, they were quickly sent to state troopers and less than an hour later, the thief was caught in a gas station with many of the stolen valuables still in his vehicle!

Thanks to caring neighbors working together with local authorities, the thief was detained and awaiting a possible trial.

The neighbors are certain that if it weren’t for the security cameras, the thief would still be at large, possibly targeting other unsuspecting homes in other neighborhoods.

The prosecuting attorney said “The camera footage had excellent quality. Usually camera footage (like the kind from a convenience store) is grainy and hard to tell who the people in the image are, but that was not the case here. The car’s make, model and color were clearly apparent. If the case goes to trial, the Simplx camera footage will be the main evidence used.”

Even though the Simplx customer was not the one robbed, he feels that purchasing the security cameras has “paid big dividends.”

We would agree.

As a community that looks out for one another, Fort Wayne residents experience peace of mind for themselves and their neighbors when they partner with Simplx Security.

We’re local and that makes such a big difference for the community security!

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