Keep Your Vehicle Safe

Lately, we have seen a great deal of car break-ins throughout Fort Wayne. While we focus on protecting homes and businesses, we would like to help protect your vehicles as well. After doing some research, including speaking with a Fort Wayne police officer, we have compiled some tips to help you avoid a car break-in. Hopefully you can gain some insight from this article that will help keep you and your vehicles safe.

Out of sight, out of mind

Make sure that anything appealing to a thief is out of sight. Even loose change and CD’s are targets for criminals. Apparently 38 cents in a cup holder and my old Will Smith CD are worth getting arrested for! Also, make sure you put valuables in your trunk BEFORE you park. If you wait until after you park, people will see what you’re doing. Putting shopping bags and valuables in your trunk after you park is like saying, “I have REALLY good stuff that you would LOVE to get your hands on! If you want it, you’ll have to break my window and pop the trunk.” Make sure you especially hide or remove anything that will give someone access to your home, like a garage door opener.


Go to the light!

If your car is in the shadows, it is easier to break into unnoticed. If you’re under a streetlamp or other well-lit area, criminals feel too exposed. It’s also a good idea to install motion sensor lights on your home. They are inexpensive and easy to install – just make sure you hang them out of reach of someone to unscrew. If a criminal walks near your home and one of those lights clicks on, he probably isn’t going to stick around much longer. Of course, parking in the garage is the best option whenever possible!

Security cameras

Simplx can help protect your vehicles with security cameras. Our cameras are HD, have night vision, record upon motion, and can be viewed real-time from an app on your mobile device. We can also put a Simplx Security window decal on your windshield to act as a deterrent. If the burglar still goes through with the crime, he will be caught on camera and the police will have a lead to go on!

Worst case scenario

As soon as you realize your car has been broken into, dial 911. The police don’t want you to risk getting hurt or contaminate the crime scene by going out to the car. A responding police officer will come out to your home. Inform the officer of the last time you secured your car, of any valuables inside, and where they were located. The police can dust your vehicle and its items for prints to see if they match anyone in their database. The police will make a report based of what they learn from you and your neighbors, so let them know of any new or suspicious vehicles/people in the area.

Be aware

The key takeaway is to use common sense. Lock your doors, roll up your windows, and don’t leave your keys in the vehicle, even if it’s just for a minute. Like home burglaries, car break-ins happen very quickly and usually by someone who knows your schedule. Local police ask us to be aware of our surroundings and make a note of anything out of the ordinary. These notes become invaluable if there is a break-in in your area. Unfortunately, the world isn’t getting any safer, but we can be prepared and keep our families and communities as safe as possible.

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