Enjoy Your Vacation More with a Smart Home

It’s almost time for the kids to get out of school and your family to go on vacation! However, it can be hard to relax on vacation when your house is unoccupied.

So many things can go wrong, especially in your imagination.

You could have left the front door unlocked or the garage wide open. The basement could be filling up with water while an intruder peers through an unlit window. The neighbor you entrusted with pet-feeding duties might lose their key, or just forget. The older teen you left home alone could be planning the party of the year.

It’s easy to worry when you don’t know what’s going on. However, you can have peace of mind with a Simplx smart home, which keeps you aware and in control of your home when you’re away.

So, how is this possible?

A Smoother Getaway

Getting your smart home ready for a vacation is a breeze. Smart lighting schedules will make your house look realistically occupied when you’re away. You can set your lights to come on at sunset and off at sunrise.

There’s no need to get a spare key cut for your pet-sitter. Simply create a temporary user code for them to unlock your front door and disarm your system. For added peace of mind, set up a notification that texts you when they come and go.

No Panics on the Road

You’re 100 miles from home and things are looking good. Oh wait … did you leave the back door unlocked?

This situation, and the worry it entails, will never happen to you again when you set up our Geo-Services feature. It uses your smart phone’s location to alert you if you ever leave home without arming your security system or locking your smart locks. When you get the alert, simply secure your home with a couple of taps on your phone app and keep singing, “Life is a Highway.”

Leave the Monitoring to the Pros

The thought of a burglary or a fire can make any vacation less relaxing. So instead of pestering the neighbors to check on the house every five minutes, leave the monitoring to Simplx! If there’s a break-in or emergency, Simplx will alert local emergency services. Someone will respond if there’s a fire, even if you’re swimming in the hotel pool!

That means it’s safe to put your phone down and enjoy the beach, dinner or a hike. Your home is protected while you relax.

So relax – and enjoy your vacation!

To learn more about Simplx smart homes, contact us at support@simplxsecurity.com.