Cool Off this Summer with the Smartest Thermostat in Town!

If your home is anything like ours, kids are constantly running in and out and when they aren’t slamming doors, they are leaving them open. Instead of wasting energy by running your AC with a door open, get the smartest thermostat available with Simplx Security.

Parents, you’ll have to find a new cliché to remind your kids to close the door, because “I’m not paying to cool down the whole neighborhood” has been officially retired.

How our smart thermostat works

While standalone smart thermostats use a single motion detector to ‘learn’ your ideal heating and cooling schedule, ours has access to every sensor in your security system. Instead of guessing what’s happening based on a single room, it takes real cues from your security panel, the motion sensors throughout your house, your door and window sensors and more.

When you open a door or window with a sensor on it, the thermostat is triggered to set back into ‘savings’ mode. When you close the door or window, it triggers back into ‘comfort’ mode.

It protects you from smoke and CO2

Because it’s connected to your security system, our thermostat can even help safeguard you from environmental threats like smoke and carbon monoxide. In the event of your connected smoke/CO2 sensor detecting either hazard, our thermostat instantly shuts your HVAC down, minimizing the chance of toxic gas or damaging smoke circulating through your home.

You control the temperature of your home from anywhere

Using the same mobile app that you use to arm and disarm your security system, you can also control your thermostat. With the push of a button you can change the temperature on your phone or tablet no matter where you are!

It’s a breathtakingly simple and convenient way to save energy, and yet no other smart thermostat can do it.

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