Catching Santa on camera is easy with theses simple steps

Catching Santa on Camera is Easy! Here’s How…

Parents, have you always dreamed of catching Santa on camera for your kiddos? If so, let us bring you in on a little holiday secret…


You can PROVE he exists with camera footage of him in your home!

In this “belief-preserving” blog we’ll reveal how you can take the magic of Christmas to a whole new level! (Pssst! Your kids can read it, too! We checked with Santa and he says it won’t give away any of his secrets ?)

But hurry! You can only catch Santa on camera until December 31st! After that he’ll be back at the North Pole.

Santa caught on camera arriving home at the North Pole!
Do you think the North Pole has Simplx Security? ?

Catching Santa on Camera in 5 Easy Steps:

Santa Security Cameras ??

We all know kids are tech savvy these days. So, how do you show them they had a visit from the big man in red without worrying they’ll find out Santa’s secrets and ruin the magic?

5 easy steps to show your kids that Santa’s been in your home:

  1. Open your Simplx Security app.
  2. Click on Video.
  3. Select the Live Video feed of a compatible camera.
  4. Tap the Santa icon and choose the best pose he made while there.
  5. Download or take a screenshot of Santa to share with friends & family or even on Facebook!

What better way to impress your friends and family and spread a little extra magic of the season 🙂

Adding Santa to your security footage is easy with Simplx Security's app!
Where could he be?? Tap the Santa icon to see!
Show where Santa has been on your security camera footage. Find his best pose!
Santa has been all over the place! Choose which pose is your favorite and tap it to see where he was in your home.
You did it! You caught Santa on camera!
You did it! You caught Santa on camera!

(Simplx security cameras do far more than capture images of jolly old Saint Nick. Check out this article about a couple who was able to catch a thief that broke into their home because of a watchful neighbor who had Simplx cameras!)

“But wait…what if I don’t have cameras to catch Santa?”

We’re so glad you asked!

Santa Security Sensors ??

You can use your “Santa sensors” to track good ol’ Saint Nicholas! 

Set up your motion sensor or door & window sensors to detect where he climbed in–he doesn’t need a chimney to deliver gifts–and show your kids the exact path Santa took through your home. 

10 Steps to Set Up Your Santa Security Sensors to Trace His Path:

  1. Open your Simplx Security app. 
  2. Click on the Menu.
  3. Select Manage Devices.
  4. Click any door or window sensors you want to set up to watch for Santa.
  5. Rename them (Suggestion: “Santa window sensor” or “Santa motion sensor”)
  6. Save and go back to Menu.
  7. Click Notifications.
  8. Choose if you’d like text, email or push notifications sent to you when Santa visits.
  9. Save your choices.
  10. Look on Christmas morning to see where Santa entered the house!

Parents, remember Santa will only visit AFTER the kids are asleep. The time on the notification will prove it! So, make sure they’re in bed or else Santa won’t show up on the tracker. Santa is very serious about keeping his secrets.

Evidence of Santa! ?️?

Now that you have the visual proof, it’s time for the physical evidence. 

Of course we know the usual things to look for like cookie crumbs and an empty milk glass, boot prints in the snow or mud, and reindeer tracks (and sometimes bells!) on the ground next to half-eaten carrots, but consider searching for these little extra things that will really build belief in the jolly old elf himself.

Find Santa’s Naughty/Nice list! ?

Uh, oh! Santa might’ve left his list behind while visiting your home on Christmas Eve! Where could it be? 

Santa’s final tally of who’s been good or bad will probably have the names of your family and friends on it. If you find it, it can be a festive way to share magic on Christmas morning while poking some holiday fun at a few adults, especially if they find lumps of coal in their stockings! 

Be sure to look everywhere, even in the fridge. He might’ve left it there while getting an extra glass of milk!

Look for Santa’s Shelf Elf! ?

Where could that sneaky little elf be hiding?

Santa is very busy preparing Christmas gifts this time of year, so most households get a daily visit from a faithful shelf elf who reports back to Santa at the North Pole every night. (Those little elves get themselves into all kinds of sticky situations!) 

You’ll have to search high and low for Santa’s helper; He could be anywhere! But, remember not to touch or the elf will lose its Christmas magic and not be able to return to the North Pole! 

On Christmas day be sure your elf friend has a front row seat to watch the kids open their Christmas gifts. He’s earned it!

Leave a message with the North Pole! ☎️

Have your kids call the North Pole office (1-605-313-4000) and listen carefully to Santa’s voicemail.

Sometimes Santa needs help remembering what children want for Christmas. They’ll need to call and remind him of their biggest wish! 
Put the call on speakerphone so the whole family can join in! Santa will know who’s calling. Be sure to leave him a message!

Help Santa with his charity work! ??

Sometimes Santa has so much to think about that he needs a hand delivering gifts! 

No need to wait for Christmas day. Lend Santa a helping hand by delivering goods to charities, churches or shelters that are counting on receiving things they desperately need this holiday season. It’s one of the most meaningful things you can do during the most wonderful time of the year. 

You might even catch a glimpse of Kris Krinkle visiting those less fortunate!

Watch Santa’s sleigh travel in real time! ???⏰

He sees you when you’re sleeping, but you can watch him when you’re awake!

Did you know you can track Santa on Christmas Eve?! On December 24th go to or to watch Santa travel around the world in one night delivering gifts to good little boys and girls. 

While you wait for Christmas to arrive, check out the activities both websites have to offer!

Christmas magic swirls through the air like falling flurries; spread some good cheer this holiday season!

As the famous The Santa Claus movie says, “Seeing isn’t believing; believing is seeing.”

Make magical memories this Christmas season by taking time to appreciate the smaller details. Watch the joy and wonder in your child’s eyes as they experience for the first (or maybe even the last) time that Santa Claus is real!

Happy holidays from Simplx Security!

We’ve got you covered!

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