The Benefit of Security Systems – From the Police’s Perspective

Sometimes people wonder how helpful home security systems really are. Who better to answer that question than those with first-hand experience with burglaries – the local police!

The Fort Wayne Police Department’s website includes many helpful tips on crime prevention, one of which is to get a reliable home security system. See the following link for some tips from the FWPD on how to select an alarm system.

Police Officers’ Testimonials

At Simplx Security we have several customers who are police officers. We recently interviewed two of them to get their perspective on the benefit of security systems.  Here’s what they had to say!

Jeff Williams – Retired patrolman after 23 years with the FWPD

Experience with burglaries: “I had a lot of experience with burglaries and I saw that it helps a lot to have an alarm system. The signs and sirens are great deterrents. They are especially beneficial when they are being monitored so the police can get to the home quicker.”

Experience with Simplx: “It’s really nice being able to call and talk to somebody when I have questions. I especially appreciate that I can speak with the owner Nate instead of a machine or being put on hold.”

Howard Johnson – 23 years and going with the FWPD

Experience with burglaries and home security systems: “I think security systems are beneficial – no doubt about it! The audible device is usually enough to deter a thief because it alerts the neighbors. If someone is not home when a burglary occurs, the police get to the home much quicker when the home has an alarm system. Definitely beneficial!”

Experience with Simplx: “Simplx has great customer service and was very friendly with the installation of both my systems. They are prompt to answer my phone calls and helpful in answering my questions.”

Quick Stats

The following stats are taken from a 2012 survey conducted by the Electronic Security Association.

  • 90% of burglars avoid homes with alarm systems and said if they did encounter an alarm, they would not attack the home.
  • There is one burglary every 15 seconds in the United States.
  • Burglars spend less than 60 seconds breaking into a home. The more difficult it is to gain access, the more likely a burglar is to reconsider the attack.
  • It’s estimated that 74% of uncompleted intrusions can be credited to an audible alarm.
  • Homes without alarm systems are 3 times more likely to be burglarized than those with an alarm system.

Take Action!

Simplx thanks all the police officers who serve and protect our community. Take it from those who know best and protect your home and family with a security system. Simplx is currently offering our summer special for all new customers!

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