We’re no one-trick pony.

We provide our customers a wide range of services.


Our trained security specialists will customize a package to your needs while keeping in mind your budget.
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Camera Systems

Our custom camera packages will allow you to easily and affordable add cameras to your security package.
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Smart Home

Door locks, thermostats, garage door control, lighting and bears… ok, not bears. You get the idea.
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Home Audio

Pump up the volume. Simplx Security provides assistance in adding audio services to your home.
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One of our trained technicians are happy to meet with you in your home or business to discuss your needs. You don’t have to put all the pieces of your security plan together yourself. Let us do the heavy lifting and explain to you in plain english what your options are.

Medical Alert

Growing older has its ups and its downs. Our medical alert services help with the downs. You have options. Learn More

Flood Protection

Indiana gets a lot of rain. It’s good for the plants, but not so good for your basement. We’ll keep you in the know.
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Fire Protection

Fire can strike any home at any time. We’ve personally experienced the benefits of our connected alarms.
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Wired up. Let Simplx Security ensure that your new home is ready for the latest gadgets.
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