Insurance Agent’s Home Nearly Floods


Darrell Swanson is a licensed insurance agent with Short Associates in Fort Wayne, IN.[/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last]

When people think of security systems, they usually just think of protection from burglars and not protection from flooded basements. However, for at least one insurance agent in Fort Wayne flood protection was EXACTLY why he wanted a security system. Two years ago we released a blog post about the flood protection Simplx offers. You can review that post here. Darrell Swanson, a Fort Wayne insurance agent, took this information to heart and it really paid off! Read his story below.

“I always had peace of mind knowing that I had a backup battery hooked up to my sump pump. However, the thing that worried me was if the sump pump and battery went out at the same time. Being in the insurance industry myself, sump pump issues seem to be one of the most frequent claims we have for homes with basements. I see claims for water backup between $5,000 and $20,000. When Simplx introduced their flood sensor, I knew I needed that for reassurance. Then, when I was awakened at 12:45am by a call from Simplx letting me know that my water levels were too high, I couldn’t have been more grateful that I placed the flood sensor on my sump pump. When I went to my basement to check it out, I saw that both the sump pump and the backup battery quit working, and the water was near the top of the pit! Thank you, Simplx, for another great product to protect my home from costly repairs.”

Sometimes it’s more likely that your home will experience a flooded basement, a fire, or other environmental disasters than experiencing a break-in. Simplx Security protects you from it all!

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