Get Your Home Ready to Go Back to School

It’s that time of the year again with Back-to-School! Summer’s gone by much too fast for kids and perhaps not fast enough for parents. Anxiety levels can rise with making sure kids have the right school supplies, clothes, lunches, and so on. If you’re a working parent, you may not be able to be there when the bus drops the kids off at home. While we may not be able to help make your Target runs or pack lunches, Simplx can help you know your kids returned home from school safe!

Here’s a list of things Simplx can do to bring a little more peace-of-mind to the new school year.

1: Add a Smart Lock

Keys are small and easy to lose. Kids can be absent minded – particularly with all the homework, extracurriculars, and friend drama on their minds. Combine the two and there’s a good chance you might be making a few trips to the hardware store for extra keys this fall.

You might be thinking, “That’s ok because we keep a spare key under the planter.” Unfortunately, that’s a solution that a burglar would thank you for. A better way to go is a smart lock for your front door. It’s a permanent solution to lost or easy-to-find keys. They open with easy to remember four-digit codes or from anywhere with our smartphone app.

2: Set Up Text Notifications

Smart lock user codes don’t just open doors, though. They provide peace of mind, even when the security system is disarmed.

With your smart lock integrated into your security system, your child’s user code can trigger an instant text alert when they use it.

That means you’ll know exactly when they arrive home. There’s no need for them to text, no need for you to call, and no need for you to wonder—it’s completely automatic. For additional awareness, you can create a no-show alert, which lets you know if they’re not home by a certain time. Then you know to follow up.

3: Add a Camera

So who else is home? If you don’t want your home to turn into a neighborhood hangout in the afternoons, then it’s a good idea to keep tabs on who’s there.

A security camera lets you visually verify who’s coming in and out of your home. Positioned in the hallway overlooking the front door, you can see when your kids arrive home so you can rest assured that they’re following your rules on after-school guests.

4: Program Your Smart Thermostat

Kids have more exciting things to worry about than keeping the energy bill down, so they often overlook closing doors and windows when the AC is running.

You can rest easy about your kids ‘cooling the neighborhood’ with a Simplx Smart Thermostat, which can automatically set back to ‘savings mode’ if they leave the door open for any length of time.

You can also keep more control over the temperature settings in your home, even when you’re not there. Set a schedule on your Simplx Smart Thermostat and create an alert so you’ll know if anyone makes an adjustment on the thermostat. You can even restrict temperature changes so they can only be made from the mobile app, not the device.

Don’t Have Simplx Security? Get Started Today

Back-to-school is here already but it’s not too late to make it easy with Simplx Security. We can set up your home quickly, giving you peace of mind this fall and all year round.

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